Power in Paint

Now offering Power in Paint photo sessions. These no-stress all-fun photo shoots are a way of practicing self-love and body positivity!


-feel beautiful and strong

-heal negative body shaming

-break into total body positivity

-shake it up and do something adventurous!

-add to a modeling portfolio or social media

-gift to a significant other

-practice some self care and have fun!

Choose your power color! Sessions are tailored to your speed and comfort, and include:

  • 1+ hours of shoot time

  • 5+ fully retouched images, delivered to you digitally

  • Tips on how to mentally prepare if you need a little guidance (zero physical preparation preferred!)

Price covers the photographer’s time, equipment, editing, and digital delivery. Power in Paint is also available for retreats and group sessions. Please fill out the form below to learn more about pricing, the experience, or to schedule a session.


I felt fearless in a way I never knew existed in me. Setting aside insecurities in the name of art was extremely liberating. I am someone who once struggled with eating disorders and body shamed myself most of my life. My old self would have passed out at the thought of posing nude at 15 lbs heavier. This experience was a true shedding of that old self. Sea has a very warm, delightful energy to her and gave clear and helpful direction when necessary. Brilliant artist with a radiant soul.

-Kat, pink

It felt so liberating and empowering to be able to be captured artistically with no judgements. This photo shoot was a way of showing myself unconditional self- appreciation and self-love. I've learned not to give a damn about what society perceives to be the "perfect body". To create my own perfect body and to embrace every inch of my temple.

-Mesha, orange

This was my first ever nude shoot and it happened to land on the same day my divorce became official (I don't believe in coincidences). There was no better way to begin this new chapter of my life. Stripped down, raw and looking to the future. I was a little nervous, not because I'd have to be naked but because I had to be naked in front of strangers. Within the first five minutes of meeting Sea it no longer felt like I was in the presence of strangers. I felt so comfortable in my own skin that without meaning to, the shoot became my own therapy session. We spoke our truths about mental health, and my experience dealing with a divorce at a young age and what was supposed to be a quick shoot turned into hours of soul pouring conversations. Once the shoot was over I felt amazing. I felt my past wash away and only saw with optimism the brightest future ever ahead of me. It was a fucking great day. I highly recommend to anyone who's learning to love themselves, making peace with things, and finding their own empowerment to participate in a shoot. Your brain will explode with love and creativity and you will leave loving yourself more than you ever thought you could. Thank you Sea!

-Andi, purple